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Warehouse legal liability insurance is insurance for warehouse storage operations. It helps cover a business as a bailee, or in other words, a business entrusted with the property of another, for direct physical loss or damage of property that happens during storage, cross-docking, packaging, labeling or other services provided by the bailee.
Carrier Logistics Choice insurance can be added to our warehouse legal liability insurance to consolidate and simplify the process of covering goods while they are in a policyholder’s warehouse and in transit.
Warehouse and Logistics insurance can provide optional coverage that can help businesses protect cargo in both their main warehouse and other overflow warehouses. This gives businesses the flexibility to expand operations beyond their current facilities or shrink capacity based on their business needs.

A Warehouse and Logistics insurance policy provides a range of coverages to help protect warehouse operators against losses related to the moving and storage of goods entrusted to them as bailees. Some warehouse liability insurance policies can help provide coverage for:

Tangible Property - Covers any tangible property a policyholder's business accepts while acting as a warehouse operator or bailee. Some policies cover damage to the following items:

• Forklifts
• Tools
• Hand trucks
• Rack systems
• Computers
• Networking systems
• other personal property used in a warehouse and logistics business

Valuable Papers, Data, and Software - Some policies provides coverage for valuable papers, data, and software. In the event that valuable papers, data and software are lost, damaged or destroyed.
Physical Loss or Damage to New Property -
 Some policies cover a policyholder’s legal liability for direct physical loss or damage to newly acquired, covered property for up to 90 days.
Damage or loss of fixtures and equipment in leased buildings - Some policies include up to $25,000 to cover direct physical damage to, or loss of, fixtures and equipment that are installed in a leased or rented building.